Live A Purposeful Life

“You gave a wide place for my steps under me, and my feet did not slip.” Psalms 18:36

We always hear people reminding us, “Take one step at a time, walk slowly and do not merrily walk until we forget to watch our footstep and make a mistake.” This reminder although sounds old-fashioned, is just as valid in today’s modern world.

More often than not, we hear such reminder within the business circle especially when competition is getting intense, reminding people to be careful and not to rush into
making decisions based on incomplete information. That said, there is also competition among spiritual leaders and again the advice is to “make informed judgment”.

If we are on the road, what we dread the most is pothole and trap, not winding road with twisted turn and corner. In life, what is most pitiful is to fall at the last hurdle. Therefore it is better to be safe than to be sorry by making sure we cover all angles before making a decision.

For major decisions such as marriage or making an investment, there is even more reason for us to be careful before making up our mind. In some situation when there is a need for consensus and everyone’s opinion matters, it is wise to be patient in listening to other people’s comment before making a conclusion. Otherwise all the good works that we have done will be unwound.

We often hear people mentioning success is round the corner. Be patient therefore, persevere and do not give up, we can be just one step away from reaching our goal.
Brothers and sisters, let bygones be bygones and we cannot change what’s in the past; what matters is our next step which will lead us to either prosperity or destruction. Even though the path is narrow, let us remain faithful to the Lord and trust His leading. He will grant us wisdom and understanding to live a purposeful life.

Jesus is our partner in life and He will be with us throughout the journey. Even though we shall walk through the valley of death, we shall not fear for Jesus is with us.

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