Men In The Bible


David’s life was a portrait of success and failure, and it highlights the fact that he was far from perfect. He had absolute faith in God. His faith pleased God, he was rewarded for it by the Lord.

David absolutely loved God’s law of 150 Psalms in the Bible. He is credited for writing over half of them. God granted David understanding and wisdom through daily meditation. We would do well to not only read God’s word but also think about it throughout the day for God loves when we think about him.

David was truly thankful. His life was marked by seasons of great peace and prosperity as well as times of fear and despair. But through all the seasons in his life, he never forget to thank the Lord for everything that he had. It is truly one of his finest characteristics.

David was truly repentant. Despite his sin of adultery, lying and murder, he always loved God and sought to repent of these sins. He is a role model for all of us sinners who need to repent earnestly.


Joseph was a good administrator. He was a hard working and faithful servant. A fair and handsome man. God was with him and made him prosper and succesful. God blessed his master through him. His master had entrusted him to be in-charge of all of his house affairs. He fear God and always seek him in everything he does.


Daniel was a chosen, a man of conviction and commitment. As a child he had been raised to know God’s health laws. A very humanitarian, generous and humble Jewish man who also loves to connect to people. He remain faithful to his culture and to the Lord despite temptations of the Babylonian Empire. He was a noble man, serving the king with loyalty and integrity. He continued to trust God even the circumstances are against him, indeed God blessed him with wisdom and favor throughout his life.


Paul was a persecutionist who kill children and people because he believes God called him to do so but he was bounded with that sin. But God forgives him and called him to be his apostle. He was transformed by the light of Christ and changed the life of many people. Through him the salvation of Christ was spread and the grace of God was given to the people and reconciliation was done between Jews and Gentiles. He also connected the Jews, Romans and Gentiles.

Paul wrote 13 books in the bible. He was bold enough to preach the word of God. His life is a living testimony that until now it works in the lives of a lot of people. He was a good example to those who suffered trials and confusion in life. A man who killed people then became a good man who preached the word of God. One of the 12 Apostles of Christ. A faithful servant.

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