Mind Our Thoughts

“When I remember you upon my bed, and meditate on you in the watches of the night. “
Psalms 63:6

What is most difficult to control is our thought; we think about many things:- they are either good or bad thought, thought which is either helpful and beneficial or evil and harmful. As a result, it is essential for us to guard our thoughts as well as diligently rid our mind of garbages.

Nowadays, we can install application in our smart phone to remind us of any application which is outdated, not being used and is using up unnecessary memory. If we do not clean up, it is going to make our phone work very slowly. Similarly, our mind may be storing up thoughts which are useless and unproductive to the extent our mind is blocked from absorbing new and useful thoughts. Metaphorically, our thought is like a parasite that feeds on drops of water and if we do not take well care of the plant and get rid of such a parasite, the plant will be deprived of nutrients and eventually withers.

Before we go to bed, it is good to ponder and cleanse our mind from all unhealthy thoughts and when we wake up, sow the seeds of good thoughts to start the day; thought which is going to unleash our full potential as a person, thought which is positive and full of vigor. We can think one thing at a time, so if we think bad, what is good will take a backseat, vice versa.

David before going to bed, left behind all his troubles and had his mind focused on God. He left everything in the hands of God and meditated upon His word, reminding himself of God’s grace, mercy and love. He trusted God would refresh and grant him strength to face a new day. The choice is with us to put what kind of thought in our mind. Christians should choose what represents good thought, thought which is constructive and think about God before a good night’s rest. Let us begin the day with God as our focus and ends the day with our mind occupied with the thought of God.

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