Dead Sea

“The waters coming down from above…flowing down toward the Sea of the Arabah, (the Dead Sea)…” Joshua 3:16

There is a place in Israel which is 15 by 75 square kilometres and 400 metres below sea level, which is called the Dead Sea or the Salt Sea. The content of salt here is very high and the water is saltier than the normal seawater by ten times. The water also contains other kinds of minerals which makes one able to float without much effort.

The reason why the sea is called the Dead Sea is because water that flows into the sea is trapped there and it cannot flow to anywhere else. Today, tourists all over the world come to the Dead Sea because they want a taste of “no-drowning” experience while swimming in the Dead Sea and to purchase items extracted from the sea.

Apart from knowing that this place has the saltiest seawater and being the lowest sea in the world, we should also learn the reason why this place is called the Dead Sea. In perspective, it is very difficult for fish, other living creatures or even plants to survive in water with such high content of salt. In Thailand, we nickname those who are stingy and selfish as “salty”. Those who know how to receive yet refuse to give are like the Dead Sea which is so different from the Jordan River and Sea of Galilee whose water continuously flows and are filled with living creatures.

One who only thinks of taking advantage of another person and does not have compassion for the under privileged will be in sorrow and will not have many friends. Jesus taught us that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Therefore if we wish to be blessed, look for opportunities to encourage those who are in need, share with those who are in short supply and grant opportunities to those who deserve it. By doing that, our lives will be “sweet” rather than “salty”.

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