The Wealth Of A Sinner Is Kept For The Righteous

Scripture : Proverbs 13:22

“The wealth of a sinner is kept for the righteous.”

In acquiring his wealth, sinners and righteous people do it differently. Sinners do it in dishonest way, while the righteous do it in honest way.

Dishonest way is robbing the rights of others, while honest way is keeping the rights of others. The dishonest way is actually illegal according to the moral law. Therefore, there is no guarantee of the security of the wealth obtained. On the contrary, the honest way is right and legal according to the moral law. Therefore, there is a guarantee of the security of the wealth obtained.

Wealth gained in dishonest way usually increase very quickly, but in the end the wealth cannot be kept (Job 20: 18-19). This wealth will certainly diminish and even can be exhausted (Prov. 13:11). At any time, it can suddenly be gone (Job 20:21).

Wealth obtained in honest way is usually slow to increase, but that wealth will be kept and will last (Prov. 13:11, Psa. 112: 1,3). Examples of honest ways are diligence (Prov. 13: 4) and hard work (Prov. 14: 4). These ways will make the wealth continue to grow and will not disappear.

Is it possible for the wealth of the righteous to increase quickly, not little by little? Yes, the increase can be accelerated! How? By working harder and harder? No, but by having compassion for the poor or the needy (Psa. 112: 5,9). How is it possible to increase wealth quickly? Not only it is possible, but it is sure. Where does this increased wealth come from? From the wealth of sinners who will be transferred to the righteous (Prov. 28).

How does this wealth transfer occur? Not slowly or in the normal way, but suddenly and miraculously, as it happened when the Egyptians gave up their wealth to the children of Israel (Ex 12: 35-36). This sudden and rapid wealth transfer has the element of spiritual warfare. Why? Because this thing will be like the plundering of the wealth from the enemy, such as when David and his people regained everything that had been taken away by Amalek from Ziklak (1 Sam 30:18 -20).

Gold and silver, the earth and all its fullness belong to God (Hag 2; 9; Ps 24: 1), but the devil has usurped them through sinners. Therefore, through the righteous God will take them back.

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