David’s Heart

“Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!” Psalms 139:23

David was not only a mighty king, he was a great spiritual leader too. In this world, we come across many great leaders with good administrative and managerial skill but their spiritual life is in shamble. Indeed, it is a privilege to have someone who is smart and morally strong to guide us and act as our leader.

David knew well that before he could be a good king, he must first guard his thought and be careful of what was conceived in his heart. Those who failed in self-control is unlikely to be successful in managing people.

David diligently searched his heart and made sure that what he was thinking and doing was not against God’s will. He was also mindful about having good governance, so that his people could live a peaceful and progressive life. David did not only do checking by himself, he asked God to search his heart so that his thinking was righteous and he had God’s approval of what he intended to do.

It is because of such humility in David that God was in favor of him. David did not depend solely on his knowledge but he sought God’s counsel before making any decision. As a result, for David, meditating upon God’s word was not a choice but a must.

Our heart should be like a well fertilized bed filled with good soil and every plant that is planted on it will grow well. On the contrary, if we allow bad sapling to be planted in it, what grows out of it will be bad. Indeed, if we meditate upon the word of God, we shall reap righteousness. Let us therefore allow God to search our hearts and instill in us His thought and turn us into His worthy vessels..

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